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Every law abiding person should be able to carry. Like in Switzerland, every adult should have a weapon and be trained to use it. Until it was amended the Tennessee state constitution allowed for a tax on every adult male who did not arm themselves and accept the responsibly of self defense. You are naive if you think the government can protect you.
The theatre in Colorado was a gun free zone which meant that the murderer could feel secure there would be no return fire. In the next couple of weeks I am going to the court house in Venango County PA and get my conceal carry permit. If I encounter a ‘gun free zone’ I will not give that establishment my business because they encourage and facilitate thugs and hamstring the victims. They might as well hand out targets for potential victims to wear on their backs with the ticket stubs.Why do you think school zones attract those intent on murder? It is because they are ‘gun-free zones’ and only law abiding people care about rules and laws… the sort of folks who would never commit murder are not allowed to defend themselves.This nation has become a place where thugs and deviants are put on a pedestal and victims trampled. We have become a nation of sheep and cowards, the perfect set up for the wolves who feed on us.

It is our responsibility to defend ourselves and loved ones. Those who conspire to remove that feeling of responsibility or remove the means to fulfill that responsibility are either stupid or evil. In the instance of political gun grabbers like Mayor Bloomburg, Obama, the Clintons, and other nefarious politicians their intentions are EVIL pure and simple. EVIL.

Remember almost 100 million victims of gun control in the last century alone.