The Reclaim America mission is to speak truth to the lies of the Obama agenda and help re-store America’s Constitutional Conservative values.  This page is kept current with information by a group of talented individuals who willingly give of their time and effort. God bless the USA and those who seek to defend her!

  1. Jim Horgan says:

    Is there an email to send you additional material.

  2. John D'Errico says:

    Not sure what happened, but I think I got booted from your FB page 😦 No clue why, but I can only share things but can’t like or comment. Would love to get this fixed. My FB link is


    so you can ‘check me out’. I wasn’t sure how else to contact you guys. Keep up the good work!


    • John, it’s a facebook thing. It is a problem we have been experiencing since the last election. If you can see the page and share items you are not on a ban by the page, it’s facebook. My apologies.

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