values, principles and nullification

Posted: March 31, 2012 by sjdixierose in Uncategorized

values, principles and nullification

Go to the attached link and read the republican party platform, especially the section on health care and values/maintaining the sanctity and dignity of life. Consider how many of the principles and values are being given up to support Mitt Romney as the presidential nominee. When the GOP establishment and a majority of republican voters support Romney it is apparent to me that we are past the tipping point in this nation when the majority prefers big obtrusive government ‘solutions’ to the problems created by big obtrusive government. These Romney voters and supporters are Republicans in Name Only, not even giving lip service to the values and principles espoused by the party they claim. If our choices this fall are between a liberal democrat in the republican party who promises more efficient big government and a marxist in the democrat party then it is obvious to me that we have gone so far down the road to serfdom that there will be no turning back, Greece here we come. The national republican GOP establishment has come to be the liberal party and the democratic party the marxist party, why don’t they just change their names?
The good news is that many states are holding the line. Though I believe the national republican party is a lost cause, the state party in my state PA is vibrant, taking charge and actually being a game changer, the senate recently passing an insurance mandate nullification bill, which has already passed the house.
It is so important to become active in state and and local politics because as the federal government usurps more and more power we MUST hold the line at the states and use the tenth amendment to nullify ALL unconstitutional intrusions on our liberty.  
shirley jean, a dixierose

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