Future candidates

Posted: March 23, 2012 by Kimber Chitwood in Uncategorized

Image Attributes I Would Wish to See In Future Candidates:

1) Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion
2) Speaks highly of the constitution; follows it
3) Appeals to our founding fathers for political philosophy support
4) Opposed to government run health care
5) Favors health care reform, to include
a. Nationwide tort reform
b. Partner w/ states to permit private insurers to insure nationwide
c. With 5b, cover all existing pre-conditions
d. With 5b, no coverage limits annually or lifelong
e. With 5b, coverage for all legals (see #7)
6) Committed to tax reform: Fairtax or something similar
7) Committed to just immigration reform
8) Committed to ending conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan in reasonable time frame
9) Committed to creating and sustaining a business friendly economic climate
10) Committed to small government; sufficient but strong military
11) With #6, keep taxes low to moderate and government small
12) Commitment to education reform/pro charter schools
13) Support our allies/engage our enemies firmly but fairly – no bowing
14) Real government transparency
15) No ties to SEIU, ACORN, or other organizations and individuals with Socialist/Marxist agendas
16) Committed to reducing our energy dependency
17) With 16: favorable to reasonable, environmentally protective onshore and offshore drilling
18) Favorable to nuclear energy – willing to build more plants and overcome objections to NIMBY
19) Will appoint conservative, constitutional constructionist judges
20) Pro marriage: one man and one woman; OK w/ civil unions
21) Clean ethical/moral history
22) Can truly work with conservatives, moderates, and slightly left-of-centrists

That’s a start.

Written by: Kimber Chitwood


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