Posted: March 22, 2012 by Kimber Chitwood in Uncategorized
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Arrogance.  It serves no purpose. Where confidence is patient, arrogance is rash.  Where confidence encourages, arrogance destroys.

When you combine arrogance with narcissism, you get a person who becomes rigid and evasive. They push forth with words that lack understanding, often citing words of “I know how you feel.” BUT they don’t.  Arrogance is void of empathy. Words become mere words, lacking the substance to stand behind them.

It is not in the words that one should discern a soul but rather in actions. A kind compassionate soul responds with heart felt emotion where an arrogant soul is angry and hate filled. It is said that the eye is the window to the soul for this very reason, for the soul is revealed through the speaking of the eyes.

We know from past experiences that our so-called president claims many great things. That he wants an open and transparent Government and that he wants to help the working man. Yet, his actions never match up. It is especially important that we pay attention to the actions that this man makes.  This man is a man who is studied in Marxism, displayed Mao ornaments on his ‘Holiday Tree,’ feels a fondness for communism leaders (stating that after a visit to China that they were alike in spirit), his campaign headquarters in Texas proudly displayed a flag with Che on it (a cold blooded killer!), and the list goes on.

After several outright rejections from the American populous he makes great claims, stating that he had heard us and that he wants to right what is wrong. Yet again he cites change.  I caution you to carefully view his actions because this change is not a change of heart but rather a change in approach…..onward he will RAGE!! The arrogant always do.

In his arrogance he will fail, for this false passion only fools himself! We The People know better! Anybody but Obama 2012!

~Kimber Chitwood

  1. sjdixierose says:

    beautifully written! and so true.

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